What Customers Say

"Thanks so much Alexander- the attention to detail in the restoration of my beloved 2CV is much appreciated "

Alexander's Top Tips

It is a wise precaution every so often to raise your 2CV, remove the tie rod eyes and thoroughly clean and inspect them for signs of wear or cracking. The hexagon type are prone to cracking and can cause suspension faliure.

Check your knife edges for wear as well and when re-assembling thoroughly grease these components.

Custom Builds

2CV Pickup This one is our own 2cv pickup built on a lentghened galvanised chassis with an extended wheel base. The pickup still retains its interconnecting suspension but with up-rated springs and shock absorbers. The lower bulkhead, toe board, floors and sills are galvanised with the rear buck subframe and I-Beams also in galvanised steel for full corrosion protection. It is fitted with our own one piece fibreglass cab, modified gearbox with electric diff-lock, tweaked engine and front tow hitch recovery bumper. It's fantastic fun to drive and is used every day.

We build pick-ups to order and have several happy customers including country estate managers to landscape gardeners.

Lomax Racer This Le-Patron was a 'no expense spared' build for one of my suppliers and features a galvanised chassis, re-built engine, all running gear blasted to bare metal, hot zinc sprayed and powdercoated, with the front arms modified in house for castor angle correction,to suit the lowerd suspension,the spring cans where replaced with stainless steel items and there is chrome and stainless throughout,fitted with alloys,sports seats and full racing harness,this was truly fantastic to drive; and very hard to give this one to the customer,to much fun,and we do build specials to order and cater for all citroen specials.