What Customers Say

"Thanks so much Alexander- the attention to detail in the restoration of my beloved 2CV is much appreciated "

Alexander's Top Tips

It is a wise precaution every so often to raise your 2CV, remove the tie rod eyes and thoroughly clean and inspect them for signs of wear or cracking. The hexagon type are prone to cracking and can cause suspension faliure.

Check your knife edges for wear as well and when re-assembling thoroughly grease these components.

Service Prices

We cover all A series models and variants from AZ's to Amies, Diane's to Dolly's. With 24 years experience of servicing we continue to offer the same level of care and attention to every servicing job. A good service often turns up a small problem that can be fixed immediately rather than an expensive faliure later if not detected - so book one today!

Here are our most requested service items but we also undertake repairs to all items for every 2CV models and derrivatives,please see our repairs section for other work.

Price List

Full service £85.00
Full service including tappets £150.00
DG electronic ignition supplied and fitted £130.00
Oil change only £15.00
King pins supplied and fitted (each) £60.00
King pins supplied and fitted (pair) £100.00
Foot brake pads supplied and fitted £27.00
Brake disks and pads supplied and fitted £120.00
Hand brake pads supplied and fitted £30.00
Exhaust cross box supplied and fitted £85.00
Exhaust swan neck, silencer and tail pipe supplied and fitted £80.00
Clutch kit supplied and fitted (diaphram clutch) £150.00
Clutch kit supplied and fitted (paddle clutch) £185.00
Wheel bearings suppled and fitted (each) £85.00
Drive shaft boots supplied and fitted (each) £25.00
Rear curly brake pipes supplied and fitted £125.00
Windscreen 2CV New supplied and fitted £85.00
Windscreen Dyane New supplied and fitted £100.00
Petrol tank sender supplied and fitted £65.00
Waxoil under body, chassis and body cavity treatment £125.00

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of your own 2CVs well being.