What Customers Say

"Thanks so much Alexander- the attention to detail in the restoration of my beloved 2CV is much appreciated "

Alexander's Top Tips

It is a wise precaution every so often to raise your 2CV, remove the tie rod eyes and thoroughly clean and inspect them for signs of wear or cracking. The hexagon type are prone to cracking and can cause suspension faliure.

Check your knife edges for wear as well and when re-assembling thoroughly grease these components.

Rebuilds and Bespoke Restorations

We are frequently asked how exactly we go about our rebuilds and restorations and whilst every project depends on the customer's requirements, the simple answer is with great care and attention to detail. A good example would a 2CV that we restore from our own stock. The standard technical specifications for our own builds are as follows:

If you have a restoration project in mind please call us to discuss your particular requirements and take a look at some of our latest projects on the gallery pages.